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Alan Osborne November 2, 2010 Announcements

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Alan Osborne October 16, 2010 Citrix Client Software Install and Configure

Download Citrix Plugin

NOTE: Please ensure that you logged in to your computer with an administrator account before attempting to install the Citrix Receiver software.

  1. Click on the image on the right (Download Web Client)
  2. If a popup window appears asking "Do you want to run or save this file?" then click on the "Run" button
  3. If a popup window appears asking "Do you want to allow the following program to make changes to this computer?" Click "Yes"
  4. The installation of Citrix Receiver should begin and a progress bar should be displayed
  5. Click Ok to complete the installation
  6. From Internet Explorer (v8 or newer), open the Tools menu (or click on the gear in the top right corner) and then select Internet Options
  7. From the Internet Options window, select the Security tab
  8. From the Security tab, select the Local Intranet zone and then click on the Sites... button, then the Advanced button
  9. Type https://appblast.vcit.ca into the box labeled "Add this web site to the zone" and then click the Add button
  10. Click on the Close button to exit the advanced settings for the Local Intranet zone
  11. Click OK to exit the Local Intranet popup window
  12. Click on the OK button to close the Internet Options window
  13. Close all open web browser windows

NOTE: if you make use of any pop-up blockers, please make sure you add https://appblast.vcit.ca to the exception list.

Your computer is now ready for use with VCIT Cloud services. Please contact us (VCIT Contact Info) if you have not yet been provided with login credentials for your web portal.

If you have login credentials already, you may proceed to our Cloud Service portal by click here to access your VCIT Cloud apps.